Friday, February 20, 2009

Un-Fun Facts

For the first time in history, humanity must face the risk of unintentionally destroying the foundations of life on Earth. The global scientific consensus is that if the current levels of environmental deterioration continue, the delicate life-sustaining qualities of this planet will collapse. -- Daniel Sitarz, editor, Agenda 21 (1994)

  • · Half the world lives on less than $2 a day.
  • The USA's electricity consumption per capita is 12,343.098 kWh per year and 71.4 % of that electricity is generated via fossil fuel. Australia's consumption is 10,252.432 kWh per capita, with 90.8 % fossil fuel dependent. German consumption is 6,366.428 kWh per capita with only 61.8 % of that fossil fuel generation dependent. (NationMaster)
  • Vast destruction of the world's forests is contributing to the spread of the world's deserts, increasing the loss of biodiversity and hampering the ability of the Earth's atmosphere to cleanse itself.
  • The food we eat now typically travels between 1,500 and 3,000 miles from farm to our dinner plate. The distance had increased by up to 25 percent between 1980 and 2001. Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University
  • National average for all uses on a yearly basis: 183 gpcd (gallons per capita daily) (
  • Below is a list of common water uses and the average amount used for each.
  • Toilet Flush 3 to 7 Gallons
  • Shower 25 to 50 Gallons
  • Hand Washing 2 Gallons (with tap running)
  • Brushing Teeth2 Gallons (with tap running)
  • Outdoor Watering 5 to 10 Gallons per Minute
  • Automatic Dishwashing 10 Gallons
  • Dishwashing By Hand 20 Gallons
  • Tub 36 Gallons
  • On the average nationwide, 183 gallons of water is treated for each person every day.

Below is a breakdown of how that water is used.
Residential Use:

  • Bathing, Cooking, Washing, etc.70Gallons
  • Industrial Use: Factories 50 Gallons
  • Office BuildingsCommercial Use: 35 Gallons
  • Hospitals, Restaurants, SportsPublic Use 10: Gallons
  • Parks, Fighting Fires Lost or Unaccounted for Water 18 Gallons


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