Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Aim
Research Project:
Operation Pretend to Care
Water Conservation Proposal

When one looks at the earth and its problems it is easy to recoil with a sense of futility and loss hope. What can i possibly do? Shoulders are shrugged the norm sets in and any chance of starting towards a greener path is washed away in a torrent of life’s every day struggle and confusion.
I, like many people I talk to, have these moments. These crystalline moments of ways to better ones self and ones community, unfortunately they leave as quickly as they come. I am usually left with a closet full of environmentally friendly skeletons (EFS) rattling away in the cacophony of my mind.
As I have pushed further in this life and things have become clearer to me. The din has dampened and I find myself pushing harder to shrug of that sense of futility, and that apathetic life style of which most of us are prone to embrace.
This class has given me an avenue in which to move forward and untangle one of my many EFS’S and bring it to light.
I am proposing to do a research project encompassing the Water issues that face our world…. From the hypoxic gulf to the diminishing water tables and the polluted aquifers; I would like as well, if it is within reach to study the water consumption @ the NHTI campus. In doing so I would like to see if I could start a community awareness program of water waste in aims at bringing to light the need for conservation. My ultimate goal would to be to initiate a Water Conservation Day or week in which the money saved from the experiment would go to the purchase of trees or shrubs to be planted on campus.
The experiment would take a week or day from the previous calendar year and match it against the proposed conservation month/week/day. The savings if there were any, would be put towards the purchase of trees for the NHTI campus.

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